About Us:

Good Shepherd Paxtang is a mid-size Lutheran Congregation in a residential section of Swatara Township, east of the City of Harrisburg. You will find us in the 3700 block on the northeast corner of Rutherford and Wilhelm Streets. Parking is available on neighborhood streets, with additional spaces available in the parking lot behind the church building, accessible from Montour Street.

We welcome anyone who wishes to hear and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a part of our assembly. We are delighted when anyone, no matter who you are, feels the call to worship among us, for a day or for a time.

Our Staff: 











The Rev. Kathleen J. Baker, STM                      Matt Blaisse,                                    Don Heimbaugh,                                         Beth Fine,

            (Pastor Baker)                                        Director of Music                         Maintenance Supervisor                         Parish Secretary

                                                                             Kester T. Sobers, III                               Herbert O. Fowler,
                                                                               Pastor Emeritus                                    Cantor Emeritus

On Saturdays at 5:00 pm we have a brief liturgy of Word and Sacrament, offered in the Saint Mary Chapel, for those who cannot attend a Sunday liturgy. The chapel is accessible from the stairs on Wilhelm Road or from the Montour Street parking lot (behind the church).

The entrance is marked with a white rectangular sign from the Montour Street parking lot that reads "Chapel Entrance." There is a handicap-accessible chair lift just inside this entrance. This beautifully restored worship space was our original nave.

On Sunday mornings at Good Shepherd you will find a gathering of friendly people responding to God's call to be filled with His presence. We celebrate Word and Sacrament at each liturgy, 8:30 am and 11:00 am, in our nave. The main entrance is located on Rutherford Street, but if you need a handicap-accessible entrance (ramp), please park along Wilhelm Street and come in through the side Wilhelm Street door.

Wednesdays at 9:30 am you will find friendly people gathered about Word and Sacrament in the chapel. An informal coffee hour follows this spoken liturgy each week.

Our Building:

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